Image Extraction of ECG Signals on Human Emotions Using Wavelet Transformation

Data processing of human heart’s signals can be learned and applied in several studies, whether in psychological subject or in monitoring the condition of the human heart. A human’s emotional aspect could be observed when the person recorded his heartbeat activities. The state of emotion observed in a normal, happy and sad conditions.The first stage of this research consists of measuring, recording, printing out the ECG data and scanning.The second stage, which named as pregeneration of the ECG image data stage, consists of median filtering and determining the threshold value and morphology. The third stage uses thinning and spatial-to-time methods for processing its ECG image.The last stage is named as characteristic extraction which uses a wavelet transform. From the characteristic extraction, the average of energy signal is obtained.

Keywords: electrocardiography (ECG), wavelet transformation and physiological signal

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